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Cameroon is a mosaic of landscapes and cultures. To discover the African continent, the best gateway is undoubtedly Cameroon. From the Atlantic Ocean to the borders of Lake Chad, ten regions constitute this country that deserves its title of tourist eldorado.

Capital: Yaoundé
Total population: 22,818,632
Natural Increase: 2.5%
Density: 48 inhabitants / km²
Urban population: 53.8%
Population of main cities: Douala (1,906,962); Yaoundé
(1,817,524); Bamenda (269,530); Garoua (235,996); Maroua (201,371).
Ethnic Origins: Cameroonian Highlands 31%, Bantu 19%
Kirdis 11%, Fulani 10%, Northwestern Bantu 8%, 7% Nigritic, other 13% African, African not represent less than 1%
Official Language: French and English are the languages Official Cameroon.
Other languages spoken: There are nearly 200 African dialects.
Language (s) of business: In the business world, it is the most used language is French, although English is also practiced.
Religion: Christians 70%; Sunni Muslim 20%; Other Religions 10%;
Literacy rate: 67.9%
Local time : GMT +1
Exchange rate on 08/09/2015:
National Currency: CFA Franc BEAC (XAF)

1 XAF = 0,0017 USD, 1 USD = 587,4497 XAF
1 XAF = 0,0015 EUR, 1 EUR = 655,9570 XAF

Area : 475.440 km²
Type of State : Unitary Republic based on parliamentary democracy.
Level of development : Middle-income countries (lower bracket).
The economy relies mainly on agriculture and oil.
HDI* : 0.505/1
HDI (world) : 152/187
Note : (*) The HDI, Human Development Index, is an indicator which synthesizes several data such as deviated expectancy, level of education, professional careers, access to culture etc.

Telephone code :
To call from Cameroon, Dial N
To call to Cameroon, call +237
Internet suffix : .cm
Computers : 1.2 per 100 inhabitants
Telephone Lines: 3.6 per 100 inhabitants
Internet Users : 5.7 per 100 inhabitants
Access to Electricity : 48.7% of the population
Emergency numbers
Police : 117 et 1500
Gendarmerie : 113
Fire brigade : 118
Hospital emergencies : 119

Cameroon’s economy is the most diversified in Central Africa, with many foreign establishments but also genuine national groups from large families in western and north. Indeed, there are countries in the wide range of activities including forestry and agricultural activities that rely on both cash crops (cocoa, coffee, banana, oil palm, sugarcane, rubber) and the food (maize, plantain or cassava …) but also hydrocarbons industry (beverages, candy, oil mills, soap factory, flour mill, aluminum, cement, metallurgy, primary wood processing).

List of diplomatic missions of Cameroon
Contact the Embassy
Embassy of Cameroon in France
73, rue d’Auteuil
75016 Paris
Phone: +33 (0)
Fax: +33 (0)
You can contact the Embassy via email.

The main assets of the country are:

  • Cheap labor ;
  • Abundant natural resources.

The 2010-2011 economic plan contains provisions that can attract foreign direct investment, particularly in areas with high capital intensity (mining, agro-industry, energy, construction). The Cameroonian government work including the establishment of a one stop shop for entrepreneurs. The measures implemented by the government. The Cameroonian government has targeted certain sectors as priorities for investment: transport, agribusiness, tourism and rural development. To attract more investors, large programs are being implemented by the government, with the support of donors, to improve the delivery of justice, increase the supply of energy, strengthen economic information, simplify procedures, support businesses, protect the economic space facing the illegal threats. Cameroon also has free zones in which can settle all export-oriented enterprises, ie producing goods and services intended exclusively for export. There are many advantages for the company: exemption of any license, permit or quota restrictions for export as for import, ability to open foreign currency accounts, absence of restrictions on sales transactions of devisesétrangères purchase, transfer of right to the profits made abroad (however 25% must be reinvested in Cameroon), tax exemption and tax over a period of 10 years from the start of operations at a global tax rate 15% on profits from the 11th year.

Freedom of establishment in Cameroon access to the profession is free trader. Regulations Acquisition of foreign participationLes can own 100% of a company. The reporting obligations The agency promoting foreign investment in the country provides information on necessary authorizations àl’implantation. However, applicants must meet, as applicable, the following conditions:

  • Either be registered in the Trade Register or to the communal Directory ;
  • Having made a declaration of existence ;
  • Hold professional trader’s card ;
  • Have local physical facilities and where required ;
  • Respect other professional obligations, especially in tax matters ;
  • Obtain prior approval (for foreign nationals).

The organization for the declaration investment Cameroon Info Invest in the Franc Zone Portal specific authorization of gouvernementDemande For more information, click Investing franc.Plus information area on the page “Foreign Investment in Cameroon” de, the Directory for International Trade Service Providers.

The Investment aid agency Invest in francLes area tenders, projects and public procurement MINMAP, public oversight Body – Cameroon AUF – Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (in French), Tenders Tenders Info, Tenders in Cameroon Global tenders, Tenders and projects in Cameroon Dg Market – Tenders worldwide tenders worldwide
Other useful resources The International Finance Corporation (IFC) Bank subsidiary
Global finance projects in very diverse sectors; agro-industry, tourism. The Caisse Commune d’Epargne and Investment (CCEI) The Cameroon Banking Corporation (CBC).

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  3. Mrs. Jill Reid
    1801 E. 86th St.
    Indpls, IN 46240

    Objet: L’information aux Cameroun

    Monsieur et Madame,

    Bonjour, nous nous appelons Ayline, Claudia et Kimberly. Nous sommes étudiantes de la classe de français à lycée North Central. Le mois prochaine, nous devons faire un présentation aux Cameroun. Nous avons besoin d’information de la fête nationale, les moyens de transport, l’histoire et la culture. Est-ce que pourriez vous nous envoyer les brochures, un plan, les souvenirs, et la carte postale, sil-vous plait?
    Nous vous prions d’agréer, Monsieur et Madame, l’expression de nos sentiments distingués.


    1. Bonjour à tous, les informations dont vous avez besoin, vous pouvez les avoir sur le moteur de recherche Google. Pour cela, il suffit de taper les bons mots-clés.

  4. I am operating a established travel and tourism company in East Africa and planning to spread my business around west Africa countries, Cameroon should the first to enter. I would require the complete information about the documents require to obtain tourism License, Annual tourism license fee and One time deposit if require with the Ministry of tourism for the same.

    1. Hello M. Satyaweer, you have to go to the nearest Cameroon diplomatic representation to get informations, and your file should be deposit there and will be send to the Ministry. If you have a representative in Cameroun, he should go to the regional delegation of the place you want to establish your business for the same purpose.

  5. I love my country Cameron is very rich in mineral resources an here in my beautiful country we are blessed because it has everything to be happy,am very interested in the offer.

  6. bonsoir, y a t- il eu des informations officielles sur les statistiques du tourisme au Cameroun en ce jour de la célébration de la journée mondiale du tourisme? prière de nous en informer les possibilités d’obtention s’il vous plait.

  7. Bonsoir , Je suis étudiant camerounais finissant en architecture a l’Ecole Africaine des Metiers de l’Architecture et de l’Urbanisme au Togo je propose un projet de fin d’étude dans le secteur du tourisme des affaires dans la ville de Douala ; j’aimerais avoir des informations sur le parc hôtelier de cette ville .

  8. Dear Sir,
    I am Dr Newadkar from Thane, Maharashtra, India.
    I am a traveller and like to see various places. Can you please send me tourist maps of Camarron, Yaonde, Kribi, Limbe, Waza national park and other tourist destinations to me on following address by post?
    Dr R.V. Newadkar,
    601, Meridian,
    Hirananandani Meadows,
    Gladys Alwares Road,
    Thane (w),
    Maharashtra, India,
    PIN 400610.

    Kindly do the needful.

  9. bonjour a tous je suis guide de tourisme agrée au ministère du tourisme et des loisirs j aimerais travaillez avec une agence de tourisme qui auras bien besoin de mes service

  10. j ai acquis mon expérience professionnel sur le terrain en travaillant pour des agences suivant en qualité de guide de tourisme
    1- ITA tour operator

  11. Bonsoir. Je suis jeunexamerounaiq résident a douala et j’ai un projet informatique en rapport avec le tourisme e les loisirs.j’aimerai savoir si le Mintourl peut nous accompagner (financierement,matériellement)mon équipe et moi pour son implémentation.