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Explore nature, ecosystem, agroecosystem, rural tourism, urban ecology, ecological gardens. Explore nature, ecosystem, agroecosystem, rural tourism, urban ecology, ecological gardens.

The integration of environmental concerns into tourism development projects has led to the classification and protection of certain natural sites for scientific, ecological and tourist purposes. These include:

  • Korup National Park, which harbours plant species which date back thousands of years;
  • The Dja Reserve, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO;
  • Mount Cameroon with a summit at 4070 m
  • Mayo Rey sites with fossilized dinosaur footprints;
  • The botanical garden of Limbe.


ECOTOURISME EBOGO 232 Limbebalade au sein de la mangrove

Localization Type of Location
Center Place
Littoral Place
Mont Febe Touristic site
Zoo Mvog Beti Touristic site
Waza National Park Touristic site

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