Waza National Park


Originally created in 1934, the WAZA park officially became, by decree of December 5, 1968 a national park. 170,000 ha big, it is the most famous animal reserve in Cameroon. Located in the area of the Far North of Cameroon, it shelters about 30 species mammals including elephants, lions, giraffes, cobs of buffon, gazelles, antelopes, hyenas, leopards, hippopotamus … and about 379 species of birds : ostriches, pelicans, herons, marabouts …
The park is open almost all year round, the best time being the dry season (January to May). The Tourist has the opportunity to lodge in the boukarous camp, located on a hill facing the park entrance. From the restaurant terrace the overlooking of the savannah is beautiful.



It is accessed either through the national road number 1 from Maroua via Mora, either by Kousseri. Warning road asphalt is deteriorating more and more making the travel time much longer. The 4 × 4 is the most appropriate vehicle to get around the park and your tracker will, in principle, guide you to the right places to observe animals or help you to better know and understand the flora and fauna of the park There are two entrances to the park, the north entrance is the main one and the south entry is very rudimentary. One should favour the northern entrance to receive the maximum of tips.


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    1. Bonjour M. Fotsing, le parc National de WAZA est prêt à vous recevoir ainsi que vos amis. D’autres informations sur ce parc ainsi que d’autres images seront bientôt disponibles sur notre site web.