Cameroon volcano which is 4100 m high at its highest point, Mount Cameroon is located at Buea in the Southwest region, not far from the Atlantic coast. This is the tenth African summit and the most active volcano in Central and West Africa with nine eruptions during the twentieth century. Called Mongo-mo-Ndemi which means “Mountain of the Gods” in the local Bakweri language, its eruptions have often caused the destruction of crops and village huts, or the cut off roads, but never made victims thanks to the preventive evacuations. The most recent took place from May 28 to June 10 of the hear 2000. One of the most famous remains that of April 1999 with the lava flow which stopped a few meters to a hotel complex, cutting the road from Limbe to Idenau.

The ascent of Mount Cameroon is by hiking paths. The best time to undertake it is winter in Europe, especially in December, January and February.

In February of each year, Mount Cameroon Race renamed Race of Hope in 1996, is a major sporting and tourism event in the region. It is an endurance race of about 40 km with 2500 m of difference in height which is particularly difficult and physically demanding.

The best time to undertake the hiker ascent extend from October to late April because there is little rain. It takes 2 or 3 days with stops at various shelters and requires very good physical condition. The roads are tared and in good condition up to the foot of the mountain. The easiest and shortest path to climb Mount Cameroon is from Buea. You then take the direction of Upper Town and the old governor Von Puttkammer palace. The access trail begins near the 21th Infantry Battalion and the Bismarck monument. To admire the lava which was solidified in 1999, you should take the Limbe direction and continue to Idenau. The road runs along the Atlantic coast with beautiful views of the Malabo island. Then you will automatically arrive on the lava which blocks the road. Through a bypass track, you can regain the way to the other side of the road.

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  1. Bonjour,
    je souhaiterais avoir les coûts pour une excursion au mont Cameroun pour les nationaux.
    Nous sommes un groupe de 30 personnes et nous envisageons faire une excursion au mont Cameroun du 25 au 26 mars 2017.
    J’aimerai savoir quel est le prix par personne et le prix total pour tout le groupe.