LIMBE Botanical Garden



Founded in 1892 by a German horticulturist, the Limbe Botanical Garden, an international center for research in biodiversity, was originally made to acclimate plants such as quinine, rubber, coffee, banana and cocoa to Cameroonian climate. Here, we can count 1,000 species of plants and 500 tree. This is the oldest botanical garden in Africa which covers an area of ​​48 hectares.
An attraction center called “Jungle Village” was constructed and provides a framework for the organization of cultural events for the enjoyment of tourists. Several paths have been developed to allow tourists to visit the Garden. Those are:
– The coastal path that allows tourists to get a good view of the western part of the garden
– The biodiversity path, which allows visitors to have a view of all the biodiversity hosted by the Garden.
– The Bota path which allows visitors to discover big trees and wild amnimals.
– The path along the Limbe river, where we find trees and plants of more than 100 years old.

If you arrive in Limbe by the north access, continue straight until the municipal stadium crossroads. Turn on the right side toward FONTCHA Street that runs along the stadium and continue for 500 m. On your left you follow the Limbe River. Just before arriving at Bifunde Center, you will find the main entrance of the botanical garden on your left.

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