Grand Batanga is a Cameroon town, located 8 km from the center of Kribi, in the Ocean Division of the South Region. It includes two coastal villages populated by about 2000 people of Ndowe ethnic group: they are Luma (or “Grand Batanga I”) and Bongahèlè (or “Grand Batanga II”). The village is known for its beautiful beaches and its history and culture.

The beaches of Grand Batanga are singular. These are small plots managed by local fishermen for relaxation and gastronomic activities such as burning or dry fish and sea fruits caught locally. One can also taste: “the ebanjea” (local dish of fresh fish with salt, lemon and chili), “the Mokwa” (smoked or fresh fish broth with chilli), the “Domba” (fish in a paquet of leaf with chili and lemon, cooked on braises or cooking-pot), the “nhu’u (nghuhu)” (sauce made from palm nuts), the “njaha” (sauce made from a variety of mango, ivinjia gabonensis) , among others …

Cultural visits in the village and the museum of Luma, artisanal fishing trips and sports tours up to the falls of the Lobe are also activities offered to tourists and visitors. There are some small hotels, lodges, guest houses and a Catholic mission in Luma. The site an ideal place for the practice of camping.

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