In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, thousands of slaves were deported to America. The Bimbia tradind post in Cameroon was one of the depature points. Between 1776 and 1838, about 2393 people, including 42.3% of children was embarked at Bimbia for North Carolina, Brazil, Guyana or Jamaica. The story says that about 2078 of them arrived destination.

The German Canon faced the sea and was pointing on Nicholls Island to prevent unwanted vessels from docking and to dissuade the isolated slaves to the island to escape.


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  1. Good Morning… Please isnt it possible for somme to have thé Map of touristic sites of a particular town? Lets say the touristic Map of LIMBE… At least that will be better thanks mère photos… Thanks

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    Actually i have a client in Yaounde who is interested in visiting Bimbia and he wants to know what are the requirement to visit the place and is there any transport facilities from Yaounde.

  3. Est ce que ce serais possible d’avoir les tarifs pour la visite ? Et aussi de savoir si la situation politique actuelle dans cette régions du Sud-ouest n’affecte pas les visites du site merci