The Bakossi Forest Reserve is a 5,517 square kilometres reserve within the Bakossi Mountains in the south west region of Cameroon, home to many rare species of plants, animals and birds. The Forest Reserve which was created in 1956, contains the Bakossi National Park, created by a decree in early 2008. The park covers 29,320 hectares and was justified on the basis of preserving some species of animals and plant diversification. This mountains have one of the healthiest remaining populations of the endangered drill, a primate related to the mandrill. We also have the forest elephant, some species of chameleon, and about 329 species of birds including Mount Kupe bushshrike, the endangered white-throated mountain babbler, the vulnerable green-breasted bushshrike, the grey-necked picathartes,…

(中文) Région du Sud-Ouest, Département de Koupé Manengouba

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