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Every two years, the town of Foumban (West Cameroon) hosts a three-day celebration of Bamun tradition and culture called NGUON FESTIVAL. During the festival, each day is decorated with many exciting activities such as conference-debates, dances, ritual ceremonies, recreational evenings, not forgotting the culinary dimension. Traditional musicians and griots animate the king’s palace throughout this period.
The Nguon is a secret society that plays a key role in the survival of the Bamun kingdom. Originally a harvest festival was held to mark the end of the annual activities of Nguon ; this harvest festival was later renamed ” NGUON FESTIVAL “. The first Nguon festival, organized by King Nchare Yen was celebrated in 1395.
The NGUON FESTIVAL is a time when Bamun people gather to express their ideas and to their complaints. It is also a time when the Bamun king makes one with his people, a time when distinctions and class privileges cease to exist.
The 2016 edition of NGUON, which will be 546th edition of the festival, will be held from the 4th to the 11th December 2016, under the theme “Nguon: lever of development and peace consolidation.” This opportunity will see the inauguration of the Museum of Bamun Kings.

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