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Mount Cameroon, also called “Mountain of the Gods”, is located in Buea in the South West Region of Cameroon, near the Atlantic coast. It is a volcano which which is 4100 m high at its highest point.
Mount Cameroon Race is an endurance race of about 40 km with 2500 m of difference in height which is particularly difficult and physically demanding. Sportive and cultural event, it vibrates the Southwest region for a week, the culminating point being the race. This is an opportunity for Tourists to discover Mount Cameroon and the culture of the region.
Launched in 1973 on the initiative of Guinness Cameroon, this race is one of the most coverage sporting events in the country. It was originally a 27 km race with about a hundred mountaineers taking part, the starting point being the foot of the mountain. Women participated for the first time in 1983 and the following year, the organizers allow foreign climbers to take part.
Virtually the only one to organize this competition since the beginning, Guinness Cameroon Company withdrew as the lone organizer in 1990, and the Cameroon Athletics Federation took over for the organization of the 1992 edition. After a halt, the competition resumed in 1996 under the name “Race of Hope”.
The 2016 edition of the race of Hope will take place from the 20th to the 27th February 2016 in Buea, the race being held on Saturday, 02/27/2016. Over 500 national and international athletes are expected for this edition in various categories namely seniors, juniors, ladies and gentlemen veterans. The starting point will be inside the Molyko stadium as usual. Locally, preselections have already begun in the ten regions of Cameroon. Only successful applicants will be competing that day.

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